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The Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC) was established as Audio Visual Research Centre (AVRC) in 1989 by the UGC-CEC at Punjabi University, Patiala under its Country Wide Classroom (CWC) Project, with the following objectives for the global audiences:

  • Production of educational programmes (especially e-video and e-content) and setting up of appropriate facilities for this.

  • Carrying out research related to optimizing the effectiveness of these programmes.

  • Providing a forum for the active involvement of reputed academicians and scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programme.

  • Studying, promoting and experimenting with new techniques / technology that will increase the reach and effectiveness of electronic and digital communication.

    The AVRC was rechristened as Educational Multimedia Research Centre in 1991 to enhance the curves and contours of spreading education, taking along with it the marginalised section of the society of students, who could not afford to join their counterparts enjoying the privilege of regular classroom system of education. It is now one of the 22 such Centres spread across the country with Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) as its nodal agency, which is an Inter-University Centre of the UGC.
    To meet the laid down objectives, the Centre engages the stakeholders in order to produce the quality educational content for both the broadcast and the online medium. By relying upon the multi-disciplinary approach, it has been making sincere and resolute efforts to enrich and enhance the learning experience of the students as well as the faculty.
    The Centre is now an essential part of the SWAYAM Project, wherein a student/learner can increase his/her knowledge based upon the ‘anywhere anytime’ concept of learning at the undergraduate level. It is also one of the 32 DTH anchor institutes, including six of the 21 Media Centres, chosen by the MHRD under its SWAYAM Prabha DTH umbrella for providing quality education through the broadcast and digital media.
    We are now part of Information Highway, wherein the learner can access any information with just a click of the mouse. We are to work hard with constant zeal without any pit stops so as to create a niche in the new information world.

Prof. (Dr.) Gurmeet Maan