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The UGC set up Media Centres in various universities and institutions in the country with the objectives to produce in-house quality educational programmes for electronic media. The Centres are engaged in production of Video & Multimedia based programmes. CEC and the Media Centres have more than 500 trained manpower & state of the art equipment.

The details of the staff of the EMMRC, Punjabi University, Patiala are indicated below:-

Name: Dr. Gurmeet Singh Maan
Designation: Professor - Director
Email-Id: zazen31@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-9878477107
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Name: Er. Manpreet Singh Budhail
Designation: Research Officer
Email-Id: manpreet@pbi.ac.in 
Mobile: +91-9915334000
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Name: Mr. Kulpinder Sharma
Designation: Producer
Email-Id: kulpindersharma@gmail.com  
Mobile: +91- 9815302505
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Name: Mr. Tejinder Singh
Designation: Producer
Email-Id:  tejinder@emrc.org.in
Mobile: +91- 9779580858
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Name: Mr. Chandan Kumar
Designation: Producer
Email-Id: chandandravid44@yahoo.co.in  
Mobile: +91- 9876244343
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Name: Er. Harpreet Kaur
Designation: Graphic Artist
Email-Id: harpreet.budhail@pbi.ac.in
Mobile: +91- 9872234100
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Name: Mr. Manmohan Singh
Designation: Cameraperson
Email-Id: manmohan@emrc.org.in 
Mobile: +91- 9814653809
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Name: Er. Gurkesar Singh
Designation: Technical Assistant
Email-Id: gurkesar@emrc.org.in 
Mobile: +91- 9988617279
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Name: Ms. Ruchika Sachdeva
Designation: Production Assistant
Email-Id: ruchika3d@gmail.com
Mobile: +91- 9872243379 
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Name: Ms. Satnam Kaur
Designation: Section Officer
Email-Id: satnam@emrc.org.in 
Mobile: +91- 9888442636
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  Name: Ms. Manita Saini
Designation: Account Assistant
Email-Id: manitapanjola@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-8968088988
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Name: Ms. Sneh Batish
Designation: Clerk
Email-Id: sneh@emrc.org.in
Mobile: +91- 8427009206
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  Name: Mr. Jatinder Singh
Designation: Unit Helper
Email-Id: jatinder@emrc.org.in 
Mobile: +91- 9872936626
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Name: Mr. Jaswinder Singh
Designation: Production Attendant
Email-Id: jass.pupatiala@gmail.com   
Mobile: +91- 8729096616
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Name: Mr. Jasinder Singh
Designation: Video Editor
Email-Id: jasinder.007@gmail.com
Mobile: +91- 9876173007
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Name: Mr. Raman Sharma
Designation: Video Editor
Email-Id: ramansharmab7@gmail.com  
Mobile: +91- 9780870066
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Name: Mr. Manish
Designation: Video Editor
Email-Id: manishn1301@gmail.com
Mobile: +91- 8699578114
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